About us

LegitiMiners has been established as a trusted and industry leading crypto mining platform. The mining process is powered by our fully dedicated/automated physical mining infrastructure and using the latest mining algorithms, allows us to maximize you daily rewards with a typical daily profits of 2-2.5%. The platform has been designed to make your user journey as streamlined and easy as possible with an intuitive portal to get you started! Sign up now to begin your investment journey and start earning for your future!

Our goals

Since we are a company with limited hash, we looking forward to expand our farm in Q2 in 2024 to let more people from the entire world join legitiMiners family! We are working on our coin to release on Q3. We do our best to our all users enjoy their journey here

Invite Your friends!

Invite your friends and earn 2% of their investments.
Your trust and support is what give us strength to work harder for a better future!