Frequently Asked Questions

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LegitiMiners is the only legit mining company in the world with offering hash to the users with daily profits up to 2.5%.
We using Coinpayments as our partner with providing secure and fast gateway

Up to $5000 the equivalent of 500 hash
( Minimum investment is $10 )

As we grow as a bussiness with investors we will be adding more mining equipment then we can uncap the hashrate

Bitcoin , USDT-TRC20, USDT-ERC20, Litecoin, Ethereum

( No fees for any kind of withdrawals )

It is and will always be automatic withdrawals

No. We strongly ask to don't create multiple accounts. Only having one account with one IP and withdrawal address is allowed

We are working on an app and will have a release date soon.
Also hoping to realase a coin in the near future as the project builds and gets a good reputation!

Invite Your friends!

Invite your friends and earn 2% of their investments.
Your trust and support is what give us strength to work harder for a better future!