Terms and Conditions

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The legitiMiners is a company incorporated under the laws of the United Kingdom, with registered address at 29 Well Ln Willerby, Hull HU10 6HB United Kingdom.
You are responsible for maintaining adequate security, control, and confidentiality of your account information, including passwords, two-factor authentication codes or other codes associated with your account and any activity occurring within that account. The loss or compromise of this information may result in unauthorized access to your account, which may result in loss or theft of your funds in your account.
We have no responsibility for any loss you incur as a result of failing to comply with the instructions outlined in this section or your failure to follow or act on any notices or alerts that we may send to you.
Each User is asked to have only one registered account on the legitiMiners. Having multiple accounts on each IP or using different withdrawals addresses will result in the suspension of the account and freezing of funds on all associated accounts. Each User is responsible for the security of their account. The highest account security is ensured by enabling two-factor authentication!

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